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Throughout her career with Ranchi Jharkhand, Manya's Home Baker chose Ranchi as her home. Ranchi Manya's Home Baker began baking as a pastime and in response to requests from friends and family. She learned to value and enjoy the smiles she was able to bring to people's faces when they received her cakes. as a result, her love affair with baking blossomed into a passion. She enjoys baking for the combination of flavors, the straightforward origins of a recipe that appears to be complicated, and, most importantly, the happiness it brings out in each of us!
Soon, Manya's Home Baker ran out of time to bake from home, so she opened a large bakery in the backyard of her beautiful home on Khanke Road Ranchi, complete with the best ovens and cutting-edge baking equipment.

In her bakery, Manya's Home Baker also makes daily fresh gelato, which is home-churned Italian ice cream or cold desserts in exotic and rich flavors like whisky cream, cheese cake, pissastichio, rum and rasin, pure vanilla, dark chocolate, hazellnut, and others. With fresh milk, chocolate, and fruit pulps, gelato tastes better and is healthier.

About Us


B 1

Black Forest Cake

R 2

Red Velvet Cake

P 3

Pastry and Cookies

C 4

Cup Cakes

V 5

Vanilla Cake

S 6

Strawberry Cake

B 7

Butter Scotch Cake

R 8

Rash Malai Cake

T 9

Truffle Cake

P 10

Pineapple Cake

C 11

Chocolate cake

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